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At Innovative Financial Solutions, LLC, founded in 2004, we understand that you’ve worked hard to build your wealth over the course of your career. As you prepare for retirement, you want to make sure that your wealth works hard for you in return.

Chris Regeis, Adam Perryman, and Birke McNeill, our founding partners, started with the goal of serving you in preparation of retirement and throughout your years of financial independence and have over 65 years of combined experience delivering on this goal. Throughout that time, we have helped hundreds of individuals and small business owners pursue their financial objectives.

Whatever set of challenges you face, we seek to help you feel confident in your decision-making and proactively create innovative strategies tailored to your needs. Not only do we develop your retirement strategies as your prepare for and transition into retirement, but we also provide ongoing support as you live in retirement, including helping you adjust your strategies as personal or economic changes dictate.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and seek to work with them as they prepare for retirement. When we work with clients, it’s not merely transactional; it’s personal. We aim to offer consistent communication and make it easy for them to get in touch with us.

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